Torah Portion: Tetzaveh Ex 27:20-30:10

Exodus 27:20 and you shall command them to bring to you, pure beaten olive oil for the light…

G-d has revealed that the torah portions connected to building of the Tabernacle is connected to Amos 9:11 the rebuilding of the fallen Tabernacle of David in these latter days.

Temple Service indicated that Hashem was pleased with His people, no temple service means Exile, even with the people dwelling in the land, as long as there is no earthly temple, Israel will be in Galut (exile). In the book, A Life of Bitachon by, Rabbi Yitzchak Dwek retails a life experience of Rav Chaim Shaul Dwek HaKohen of the pain of being in exile and the absence of the Shechinah. The Rav conveys the absence of the Shechinah as being in exile. As long as the Shechinah is NOT in the Holy Mountain of Hashem, we canNOT bring offerings, we are NOT able to ascend and appear, nor able to prostrate ourselves before Hashem. This is EXILE. The author quoted the Rav saying, “Only the One Who threw me out of His Sanctuary will take me by the hand and place me back inside.”

The First Temple was destroyed because if the corruption of Israel’s heart. The Second Temple was destroyed because of the corruption of Israel’s heart.

We learn in the torah portion Terumah that the temple on earth is Hashem’s dwelling place in the midst of men. The earth is Hashem’s footstool and because of His love for men He leaves His Sanctuary and descends and dwells among His people. We will merit the privilege of having G-d’s tangle presence in our midst when our hearts are made holy. If our hearts are corrupt, He will NOT dwell with His people. So why a temple after the death and resurrection of Yeshua?

G-d commanded Moses to build a dwelling place in the midst of His people. The word says what is bond here on earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 18:18) There still is a heavenly Sanctuary, He still desires to dwell with His people and the earth is still in the corrupt form. What is the resolution for His desire to dwell in their midst? He commands his people to build Him a dwelling place. This dwelling place is a shadow of the heavenly, the temple built by men’s hands. But we will have to be in exile until His Mashiach returns and finishes the Temple for us to tangibly see His Shechinah return in the midst of His people. BUT we have a job to do until Yeshua returns. We have to be in the business of Heralding in the return of Messiah through restoration and Teshuvah (repentace).

This portion commands us to bring pure beaten olive oil for the light. The word beaten means in Hebrew to beat the life out of you, to be crushed beaten to a pulp.

The olive is a representative of His people. This word tells us the process in which the oil needs to be expelled from the olive. The oil, we are to bring needs to be morally right, transparent and pure. In order to bring a morally right, transparent and pure oil, the olive needs to be beaten, bruised and crushed. To be a light to the world we need to be beaten, bruised and crushed in order to produce this morally right oil that will burn the righteous light before the Menorah.

Olives will only produce its oil after it is crushed. We need to merit the right to have the Shechinah dwelling our midst. Midrash Rabbah says when the Jewish people are enjoying good times they soar to great heights, they are left to ripen on the tree, so to speak. However, when they sin, they repent only after troubles befall them. They must be cast down from the tree and subjected to trouble in order to bring out the oil of repentance that will ultimately bring in the (Geulah) Salvation.

How do we merit the right to have the Shechinah dwelling in our midst? Repentance. These acts will be what will usher in the Mashiach causing the fallen Tabernacle of David to be raised.

Let’s produce the oil that will shine for the world to see and desire to herald in the King of Israel, Yeshua HaMashiach, so Hashem may dwell in our midst.