Sister Alpha brings Teshuvah (Repentance) to the assembly of FOTW.

In this second teaching in the Teshuvah series, Sister Alpha covers the remaining 9 topics of “What to know about Teshuvah”:

  1. Individuals are trapped by force of habit
  2. Sages say teshuvah was created before the world
  3. Teshuvah is accepted even motivated by suffering
  4. Hashem helps those who repent
  5. Do NOT delay to teshuvah
  6. Breaking the Master’s yoke
  7. Always be mindful of sin
  8. One can obtain complete atonement
  9. Stained garment vs. Sinful person

Next week will begin with scripture that tells us why we should choose deeper levels of teshuvah.

Teshuvah Class 2 Video

Click HERE for a PDF of the presentation slides used during the class.

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