Tzav – צו

March 19, 2022
Leviticus 6:8-8:36; Jeremiah 7:21-8:3; Romans 12:1-2

Torah Portion “‘צו/Tzav” which means “Command” begins, “And יהוה spoke to Mosheh, saying, ‘Command Aharon and his sons, saying, “This is the Torah of the ascending offering: This is the ascending offering, because it is burned on the slaughter-place all night until morning, and the fire of the slaughter-place is kept burning on it.” ‘ ”

This week our Haftorah teaching is delivered by Brother Mark from Jeremiah 7:21-8:3, and the New Covenant E-drash is delivered by Ro’eh Richard from Romans 12:1-8.

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The video above contains the entirety of our service day, beginning with our Blessings and Worship portions.
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