Shoftim – שפטים

September 3, 2022
Deuteronomy 16:18-21:9; Isaiah 51:12-52:12; Acts 7:35-60

Torah Portion “‘שפטים/Shoftim” which means “Judges/Right Rulers,” and begins, “18 You are to appoint judges and officers for all your gates [in the cities] Adonai your God is giving you, tribe by tribe; and they are to judge the people with righteous judgment.””

In this Torah teaching we learn that Hashem gave Moses a set of rules based on halacha, how the Israelites were to conduct themselves in all their interactions with each other. Hashem set up three roles: judges, “police officers”/enforcers of the law, and a king that would be tasked with righteously judging the people. These roles were needed so that the laws were not based on self-judgement and opinions. We all know where opinions get us – 5 people with 6 opinions is not good. Watch/listen now to get clarity on how to live out the righteous rulings and halacha of our faith using justice, which is the mussar trait for the week.

This week our Haftorah teaching is delivered by Ro’eh Richard out of Isaiah 51:12-52:12, and the New Covenant teaching is delivered by Ro’eh Richard from Acts 7:35-60.

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