Ha’Azinu – האזינו

September 18, 2021
Deuteronomy 32:1-52; 2 Samuel 22:1-51; Romans 10:14-21

Torah Portion “‘האזינו/Ha’Azinu” which means “Give Ear,” and begins, “Give ear, O heavens, and let me speak; And hear, O earth, The words of my mouth.”

In this week’s Torah portion Pastor Richard covers a part of the Song of Moses.  In one regard, the song is for the children of Israel – HaShem did not leave us without a shepherd, this song is for those returning back to Israel.  This song is also meant for gentiles, for them to open their ear.  Pastor Richard shows to “remember the days of old.”  This verse directs us back to how Moses and the sages of old interpret the Torah.  He gives an understanding of how the sacrifice of Issac is a representation of the Messiah.

Pastor Richard teaches about submission to the past elders and knowing that authority has been left by HaShem as a history of Israel and those being grafted into an existing people and faith.  He shows that the Bible teaches that the elders are always held responsible for the survival of Israel, and even Paul confirms that he is a jew and a follower of the Torah.

Pastor also shows that Yeshua did not question the calendar or the feast days, so why do we?!  We need to understand that we forsake Messiah’s authority when we decide that we have the authority to correct these things, when the authority was given to the Jews.  Great teaching, Shalom!

This week our Haftorah teaching is delivered by Brother Mark from 2 Samuel 22:1-51, and the New Covenant teaching is delivered by Ro’ah Alpha from Romans 10:14-21.

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