Toldot – תולדת

November 6, 2021
Genesis 25:19-28:9; Malachi 1:1-2:7; Romans 9:6-16

Torah Portion “‘תולדת/Toldot” which means “Generations” and begins, “And this is the genealogy of Yitsḥaq, Aḇraham’s son. Aḇraham brought forth Yitsḥaq.”

This week Pastor Richard shows us the two nations that are born through Rebecca and Isaac, Esau and Jacob.

Rebecca was born in the nations and Isaac was born through the heritage of Abraham. The birth of these boys represents the evil of the nations (Esau) and the faith (Jacob) through HaShem. We give birth to goals, faith, endeavors, and desires, but is the outcome good or evil? Two foundations were formed in Rebecca’s womb and we need to control them both.

Pastor Richard teaches about the purpose of Esau. Rebecca and Isaac, as parents, were to educate both boys to one great goal, the unique way of HaShem and then to harvest the gifts to serve in his Kingdom. Pastor Richard teaches this by explaining that it takes teachers, workers, planters, etc. to make a nation that is self sustained.

Our Haftorah teaching is delivered by Ro’ah Alpha Cortes from Malachi 1:1-2:7 and the New Covenant teaching is delivered by Brother Mark from Romans 9:6-16.

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