Naso – נשא

May 22, 2021
Numbers 4:21-7:89; Judges 13:2-25; Acts 21:17-32

Torah Portion “נשא/Naso” which means “Take,” “Count” or “Elevate” and begins, “21 Adonai said to Moshe,
22 ‘Take a census of the descendants of Gershon also, by clans and families; 23 count all those between thirty and fifty years old, all who will enter the corps doing the work of serving in the tent of meeting.'” (CJB)

Our Torah portion for this week is Naso which means to lift, to carry, to marry, to be elevated to HIM. Moshe is instructed to send away from the camp those that are afflicted since there is no room for willful, prideful sin in the camp of grace.

Pastor Richard explains what it means to be unclean and why Moshe was to remove this from HaShem’s camp. When people do things their own way, allowing their will to rule their emotions, then they are unclean spiritually. A camp must be founded in righteousness in order to be a standing camp.

Pastor Richard teaches how to be clean, how to be worthy! May this teaching bring you Shalom!

This week our Haftorah is Judges 13:2-25 delivered by Ro’ah Alpha and the New Covenant E-drash is delivered by Brother Mark from Acts 21:17-32.

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