On July 4, 2017, The Foundation of The Word Outreach Ministries was gifted by an anonymous donor an authentic Torah scroll. It was started over a hundred years ago by an Ashkenazi Jew, who was unable to finish it before his death. His son, who we understand was just a young boy when World War II began and had to hide the scroll during the war, also worked on the it during his lifetime. He also was unable to finish it, and so it ended up being completed by his son, the grandson of the original writer. We’ve been told that it is clear from the text that there are 3 different handwritings.

Pastor Richard on the moment:

“It was an amazing experience. I was not expecting to have a Torah scroll on the 4th of July and when it was brought in, tears came out of my eyes. HaShem reconfirmed to me that He is very pleased with how this ministry is being operated. The authentic Torah scroll from Poland has an amazing history. It has gone through persecution and it has come to a family for rest. The Torah scroll is essentially letting us know that HaShem is with us but more importantly, He is leading this ministry. Not every ministry has the privilege of having an authentic Torah scroll with such a historic background. This Torah scroll is now part of the family of The Foundation of The Word Outreach Ministries and all the members of this ministry will be blessed to attend service and experience the Torah Scroll.

Most people do not understand the significance o having a Torah scroll. He is confirming to everyone that He is pleased with this ministry. If there has been any doubt on behalf of any of the people, He is showing that His Name is here. When you look back in the Scriptures, the Torah was only given to a people that HaShem was pleased with. That is why in the second temple it did not exist, because He was NOT pleased with the sacrifices! It only dwelt with Moses and the Tabernacle, and then with David, Solomon, and the first Temple. After Solomon, it was never part of the Temple.”

Blessed be the Name of The Lord for His goodness and mercies.

Pastor Richard Cortes,
The Foundation of The Word Outreach Ministries