Richard Cortes

Head Pastor/ Founder
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I am the head pastor and founder of The Foundation of the Word Outreach Ministries. I am not a one man show, I have a dedicated and hard working team that support me in everything I do. We work together as a team to enhance the Kingdom of Yah. Our goal and mission is to raise disciples for Yeshua in His Kingdom.

Contact Number 9288929584

Alpha Cortes

Co-Founder/ Pastor's Wife/ Women's Leader
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Alpha is first and foremost a servant of HASHEM as Pastor Richard’s wife and the mother of 3 boys. She is very busy keeping in order the household of HASHEM, as well as her own.

Nellie Viana

Dance Coordinator

Athens Harward


Athens Harward joined The Foundation in 2014 shortly after the Cortes family moved to Arizona. Having come to Torah from a former life without faith, Athens was hungry for the truth of The Word of God, and he quickly become a “tent dweller,” studying The Word as much as possible in order to understand the character of God and to walk in His ways. In 2016, he began teaching the assembly from his own very unique perspective, which often includes humor. We are blessed to have him as part of our ministry, and we praise Abba for bringing him to us.

Wade Beard

Youth Leader/ Webmaster/ Videographer/ Teacher

Wade joined The Foundation in June 2015 after moving to the area from Austin, Texas in April 2015. After being with us for a year as a worshipper he gladly answered the call of HASHEM to be our Youth Leader and to enter discipleship. He began providing teachings for us with the 2016-2017 Torah cycle, his first teaching being the Haftorah of Beresheit. We are pleased and honored that HASHEM would bring him to us for service here.